Indicible Entretien #9 English Version

S.T. Joshi — Photo Emily Marija Kurmis
I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (UNABRIDGED)- Hippocampus Press
At the Moutain of Madness — Astounding Stories février 1936 — source
The Shadow of The Time, Astounding Stories, June 1936, Howard V. Brown.
Lovecraft with William J. Dowdell, Boston, 1921. Credit : HPLovecraft Archive
Postcard sent by H.P. Lovecraft, 1934 — source
Edith Miniter — source
“The Whippoorwills in the Hills” byAugust Derleth illustrated by Lee Brown Coye Weird Tales, september 1948
Magnalia Christi Americana — public domain
Illustration by Howard Pyle — public domain
The old Gods Waken — Mandy Wade Wellamn — 1979
Berkley Square, Frank Lloyd, 1933
Astounding Stories — june 1936
Lovecraft’s cellphone booth by Unded
Source : Hippocampus Press
Artwork Loïc Muzy / Design graphique Bruno Cariou



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L’association Miskatonic organise à Verdun en octobre le Campus Miskatonic, une convention dédiée à l’oeuvre de H.P. Lovecraft.